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12 lies all mums tell. (Yes, all mums).

Watch the video above to hear 12 classic lies mums tell. Our mums told them to us, and it’s our right to tell them to our kids.

In addition to the staples, it turns out the parents of Mamamia office have also gotten away with some, ah, inventive fibs.

“I tell the kids they each have money in their bank accounts (I actually spent it, but have an elaborate IOU system for when I get around to opening them),” one admitted.

Of course there’s the old “when the ice cream truck is playing music it means there’s no ice cream left”, but one mum never has any money when that truck pulls around. Ever.

Another claims she “can’t remember” her password, and therefore can’t buy her kids the gems they need for their online games.

Follow the link to read more of the outrageous lies the mums of the Mamamia office have gotten away with.

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