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How to brew your own hot mulled cider in a slow cooker

Winter. The mornings are tougher, the days shorter, and while coats and sweaters are nice in theory, carrying around the extra bulk and weight gets tiring very quickly.

Really the only saving grace the bitter months from June to August have going for them is the oodles of comfort that make spending a night in so much more tempting.

Soups are great, casseroles too, with anything slow-cooked, braised, rich, creamy and cheesy a solid plus in our books. And then there are the desserts… and the drinks.

Enter: hot mulled cider.

Watch the video above to see our very own recipe, and how darn easy it is to brew your own hot mulled cider in your home slow cooker. Prepping the mulled cider only takes around 5 minutes, but you should leave the magical concoction in your slow cooker for around 4 hours to really extract all the flavour from the spices.

Feeling a little impatient? (We don’t blame you!) Feel free to use the same recipe on your stovetop for instant winter warmth.

If you’re looking for the perfect winter dish to accompany your fresh batch of mulled cider, we’ve done the hard work for you and compiled a list of 31 delicious, cheap and easy winter comfort food recipes.


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