One of the Victoria's Secret outfits is actually a giant vagina.


Victoria has a secret, and Victoria’s Secret is ‘vaginas’.

The biggest day of the calendar year is here. Victoria’s Secret 2015 Fashion Show is HAPPENING NOW. The runways have been swept. The models have been toned. The wings that look like vaginas have been designed.

Hang on, what was that last one?

Oh yeah. Vagina-like wings.

The publicity team at Victoria’s Secret are busy pumping behind-the-scenes photos through all their social media accounts. And their Instagram page has just posted a winner:

Butterfly effect: @laisribeiro in the most AMAZING wings. #Goosebumps #VSFashionShow

A photo posted by Victoria’s Secret (@victoriassecret) on Nov 10, 2015 at 5:55pm PST

 The comments section confirms our thoughts many times over: “Not gonna lie… I thought it was a giant vagina,” said one commenter. “Looks like a labia minora to me!” said another (with obvious medical terminology knowledge). “They stole this design from my 4th grade sex ed book.#yourewearinganexpensivelabia,” commented an enlightened follower.    

2 DAYS, PEOPLE! Don’t miss the #VSFashionShow Party on 11.10. ???? See link in profile & get a sneak peek now. A video posted by Victoria’s Secret (@victoriassecret) on Nov 8, 2015 at 6:38am PST


So that’s what the design team at VS were busy doing in the weeks before the biggest show of the year. Trawling sex education books, looking for inspiration.

Here are some other things that accidentally look like vaginas:

Maybe the vagina-wings will look different when they’re… open.

Uh. Never mind.

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