You'll never guess who knitted booties for Fifi Box's baby.

1. Prime Minister sends Fifi Box’s baby a bootie looty.

Not only does our Prime Minister have time to – you know- run the country she also has time to indulge in a little handicraft.

Julia Gillard tweeted a photo of the booties she hand knitted and sent off to Fifi Box’s baby, Trixie Belle.

  Keeping her Twitter followers up-to-date of the progress of the project Gillard tweeted, “Just putting the finishing touches on Trixie Belle’s booties!” on the arrival date.

2.Victoria Beckham doesn’t know how she does it.

Mother guilt isn’t a phenomenon celebrity mothers are immune from.

Victoria Beckham, 39, has spoken out about juggling her fashion career with motherhood at Vogue’s Festival in London saying she feels “constantly guilty” and wouldn’t be able to cope without the help of her nanny.

“I think you feel so torn, don’t you? But I’ve got great people who handle my schedule and everything does revolve around the children,” Beckham said at London’s Royal Festival Hall

“I don’t know how I do it. It is a juggling act. It’s no different for me than any other mum.

“But it’s difficult juggling working, having the children, having a husband who travels. I do have a bit of help, I have a nanny, I can’t do it all myself.

“I really enjoy being a mum, I love them (her children) and I’d do anything for them. But I also love what I do. I think anyone who says it’s easy is lying.”

Beckham also joked about her office resembling a “creche” as she encourages her staff to bring their children to work.

3. Tori Spelling has confessed her husband and kids aren’t the only ones who share her marital bed. You won’t believe who else is lurking under the covers. Click to find out. 

4. Strangely enough, Anne Hathaway prefers the company of strangers to paparazzi.

Anne Hathaway landed at LAX airport yesterday and in order to avoid photographers, she jumped into the nearest waiting car.

Problem was, it wasn’t her car.

According to TMZ, who were the waiting paparazzi, Hathaway then asked if she could wait inside.

“Rather than get out of the car, she politely asked the driver if she could stay until her car came … and he said yes!” the celebrity website reported.

Who wouldn’t say yes to hanging out with a Hollywood A-Lister?

5. Which Gossip Girl star has confessed to being on the brink of bankruptcy? And the reason why will break your heart. Click to read more.

6. The ‘Thatcher’ is the new ‘Rachel’Karlie’.

Huh, remember how ‘Ding Dong the Witch is Dead’ raced up the charts the week Margaret Thatcher died?

Well, it seems now some women are paying an unexpected tribute to the former British PM by requesting the ‘Thatcher’ at the hairdressers.

According to Mail Online, one salon has been booked out with ‘Thatcher’ requests.

“I have not known anything like this for many years,” said Celebrity stylist Maximiliano Centini.


“We have now done the style for over 100 women, it is a surge. I experienced something similar when the Jennifer Aniston style became popular but that surge built slowly – this has come completely out of the blue.”

Can we expect the ‘Julia’ to be Gillard’s legacy?

7. Guess how much Michael Jordan’s wedding to Yvette Prieto cost? You won’t believe the answer – click to find out – could it be the most expensive celeb nuptials EVER?

8. Channel 9 couldn’t get Scary Spice so they got Ginger instead.

Geri Halliwell will replace her fellow Spice Girl Mel B. on the new season of Australia’s Got Talent. Mel B was set to join the panel but due to a contract dispute with Channel Seven’s The X Factor, she was unable to switch to another network.

Halliwell is the fourth and final panellist to be announced and will join, Dawn French, Timomatic (who was a contestant on the show) Today Show host, Kyle Sandilands.

In an exclusive interview with A Current Affair the Spice Girl said was “excited” to start work.

“Shows like that are brilliant and I love the opportunity they give to normal, everyday people,” Halliwell said.

“Plus, I get to come to Australia.”

Fair enough.

9. Kelly Osbourne’s trip to Oz has gone pear-shaped and she’s taken to Twitter to accuse the man responsible of being a “twat”. Click to discover why.

10. Aussie schoolgirl rips it up on Ellen.

Georgia Perry, the 10-year-old schoolgirl who impressed Ellen and Portia with her singing talents when they visited Portia’s alta mater, Melbourne Grammar school has appeared on the Ellen Show. Take a look below:


11. Kate Middleton buys a Bugaboo, angers everyone.

Kate Middleton has reportedly purchased a Bugaboo, angering social commentators and the general public who believe the designer pram is an overindulgence considering the state of the country’s economy.

For the uninitiated, a Bugaboo is a fancy designer pram, with the top of the line Chameleon model costing $1599 here in Australia.

According to Mail Online: “Kate, now six months’ pregnant, is said to have told a group of Army wives at a recent drinks reception in Aldershot that she has bought a Bugaboo in light blue — which some have taken as a clue to her unborn baby’s gender.”

Wait a second, she told a group of total strangers not only about the pram she bought but also revealed the gender of her first born and the third-in-line to the throne? Hmm.

It’s been a busy week for the Duchess, who also snapped up a £295 white wicker Moses basket which she purchased with her mother Carole from the designer baby shop, Blue Almonds, in South Kensington.

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