The Life of Posh: I run like a mad woman and NEVER shave my legs

Oh, to be Victoria Beckham, what with her ridiculously hot husband, four gorgeous kids and unstoppable fashion empire. Now, thanks to an uncharacteristically open interview with Allure magazine, we’re all two steps closer to being her.

Victoria has told Allure that despite her increasingly busy schedule, which currently includes designing clothes and raising her four children (Harper, Romeo, Brooklyn and Cruz), the 39-year-old still finds time every single day to exercise. The former Spice Girls revealed that she rises at 6am every morning to run over 6kms.

Victoria was even happy to share her beauty routine, confessing that she no longer shaves her legs thanks to her best friend, actress Eva Longoria, who convinced her to get laser hair removal. Of her hair-removing ways, Victoria says, ‘[it] is amazing. You can go back for little touch-ups if you do see little hairs appearing. But I’ve been very lucky that I haven’t had to. That was one of the best tips that Eva Longoria ever gave me.’ Oh, the wisdom of Eva!

Posh also finally owned up to her boob job, which she spent all of the noughties denying. When asked about her controversial 34D implants, apparently added to her Posh Spice bod in 1999, Victoria agreed that she ‘may have purchased them’ but she does not ‘have them any more.’ Since then Ms Beckham has returned to her 34A size.

Victoria shared that ‘Living in America for six years was the happiest I think I’ve ever been. It was much more accepting for a woman to have a career, as well as a man. And I loved it.’ It seems that returning to the UK with hubby David and the kids has taken its toll on Victoria, though she added, ‘I’m not saying I’m not happy now. I’m just as happy now.’

Well here’s to you Victoria! May those laser-loving legs of yours continue to happily run the streets of the UK.

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