NSFW: So 'Groin Grazing' is the new thing in men's fashion now.

Warning: This post is very very not safe for work. You have been warned.

VICE, the very trendy website that is way more hipster than you could ever hope to be, has once again done something so trendy and hipster that it just jumps right off the trendy and hipster scale.

Oh VICE. So trendy and hipster.

A men’s ‘fashion spread’ went up on the site this week. Simply titled ‘Groin Grazing’, it shows off various men’s fashion staples from the waist down.

So, a men’s fashion shoot? What’s so trendy and hipster about that? That doesn’t seem trendy and hipster enough for VICE readers. Well, it wasn’t. Which is why VICE, leaders of all that is trendy and hipster, made the fashion shoot extra trendy and extra hipster.


By making sure every model has a massive erection under their pants:

vice groin grazingimage via VICE

It’s just too trendy and hipster, okay? You wouldn’t understand.

Now, does anyone want to buy clothes after looking through that gallery?

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