Vegemite in the fridge. Just. Say. No.


A month or so ago, I wrote the following spontaneous thing on Twitter:

There are two types of people in the world: those who keep their Vegemite in the fridge and those who don’t.

I’ve believed this deep in my heart for a long time but I’ve never before shared it with the wider world. Who knew it would cause such controversy? Twitter positively buzzed for the next couple of hours with some very heated debate about the correct place to keep Vegemite.

I am firmly in the pantry camp. But as the opposing fridge vs pantry foces duked it out, the conversation broadened out to include other foodstuffs and where they are best kept.

One person pointed out that I keep my Vegemite in the pantry but where did I keep my jam?



I’m not quite sure what that proved but I maintain there is a good reason for this breakfast-spread discrepancy. Jam goes mouldy in the pantry. Vegemite does not. I have never seen a bad jar of Vegemite. I can’t imagine any environmental condition causing it to become inedible.  Nuclear war? Afterwards there will be nothing but Vegemite and cockroaches.

Anyway, where do you stand on the subject of Vegemite and where it should live? Any other unusual foodstuffs you like to keep in the fridge?


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