5 themed strip clubs we wouldn't go to if you paid us.


Last week, another US politician was busted tweeting a stripper.

Wait, wait. It’s more interesting than that, we swear.

Cory Booker, the Mayor of Newark City, had been exchanging friendly tweets with Lynsie Lee, a stripper from Oregon. They had both appeared in a film about social media called ‘Follow Friday: The Film’ and subsequently got to know each other over Twitter.

When people noticed that the two were going at a little online flirting, they naturally demanded answers. Booker’s office replied with this statement:

“I think it’s pretty well known that the mayor talks with people from all walks of life on Twitter. There have been a couple of stories about that over the years. Really, the most shocking part of this story was learning there is a vegan strip club in Portland.”


Yeah. Lynsie Lee works in a vegan strip club. There are such things as vegan strip clubs. (FYI – it’s a strip club that only serves vegan food. Becasue ETHICS.)

It was a genius bit of deflection by Mayor Booker’s staff, because since that statement was released, all anyone’s been talking about is the fact there is a vegan strip club.

Who knew strip clubs had themes? Isn’t naked women dancing for men in a dark room theme-enough? Doesn’t ‘Strip club’ theme pretty much covers all your bases? Apparently not.

Which got us to thinking, what other bizarro theme strip clubs are out there?

We then fell down some pretty gross internet rabbit-holes and came up with the top five:

1. The vegan paradise in question Casa Diablo:

vegan stripclub


2. Twice a month, this strip club in LA has a Star Wars theme:

Star Wars strip club

3. Pirate’s Cove. Yep – it’s pirate themed and shaped like a giant bottle of rum. Because pirates. And rum. Obviously.



4. Wanna watch naked girls dance and pretend to be on a spaceship? WHO DOESN’T? You need to go to 2001 Odyssey:


5. Stripper drive-thru? YES PLE – Oh wait. Nobody actually wanted their strippers like they wanted their Big Macs. Climax closed earlier this year. Which is a shame, because it looked like such a quality establishment:


Have you heard of any other weird strip clubs? What would your ultimate theme be?

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