The Valentine's Day Open post.





If you’re the sort of person who finds Valentine’s Day a little, ah – nauseating, don’t worry because even though for one post only, Mamamia is going to ooze love of all kinds: romantic love, family love, friendship love, unrequited love, puppy love, forbidden love, love for “stuff”, love for well for anything,  it’s not neccesarily about your Valentine .

We’re going to run the whole schmaltzy gamut. But with a difference.

This isn’t your traditional Valentine’s post and you don’t have to write a letter to that “special someone”  – you can write your note to anyone or anything! The cup of coffee that you love in the morning, the friend that makes you smile, your cat or your dog, the dress that makes you feel good about yourself – you get it? Anything.

Of course you can write to your Valentine. Or your child or your teacher or the man that sells the paper on the corner. Anyone.

Then share it.


Happy Valentine’s Day, everybody.