Vagina weight lifting is exactly what you think it would be. Exactly.

Kim Anami runs a Vaginal Kung Fu salon.

A sex coach and ‘luxury retreat curator’, Anami says on her website that she spent a decade living off the grid, “from pirate boats off the coast of Vancouver to the wet, sultry jungles of Indonesia.”

During that wet, sultry time, she found her calling, and has been teaching sex stuff ever since.

Anami’s latest? Vagina weight lifting.

Whatever you’re currently thinking that means is almost certainly correct; the logistics of vagina weight lifting are bizarre, but pretty simple.

It’s mainly designed to strengthen pelvic floor muscles, but Anami says “you’ll never know what a vagina can do until you watch this.”

So here it is. Anami’s video on vagina weight lifting (and c’mon now, it’s NSFW of course):

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