That awkward moment when the new World Cup stadium looks like a vagina.

Today’s not-at-all subtle hilarity comes care of Qatar, busy preparing for the 2022 Soccer World Cup. Building a new stadium, designers were hoping to pay homage to local fisherman and used the shape of the dhow boat as inspiration.

But by the looks of it, they may have had something else in mind.  See if you can figure out what it is:

Did you guess giant vagina?

Because you would be correct. That, friends, looks like one giant vagina.

Social media has obviously taken Giant Vagina Stadium-gate and run with it, with many calling for more… female-centric architecture to take centre stage from now on. You know, as opposed to this:

Or this:

So what do you think? Accident, or is Qatar rocking an awesome female example of gender-specific architecture?

Either way, we hereby declare the Qatar stadium as the newsest example of things that accidentally look like vaginas. Kind of like these: