The burning question that pregnant women are too afraid to ask.

This woman had a very particular pregnancy concern. So she asked the Internet…

This mum had a question after giving birth. And it’s probably one that most of us would be too embarrassed to ask, with good reason. So instead of asking family, or a friend, this mum decided to ask the Internet, via Reddit.

What is this post-birth question that might make us a little sweaty and nervous to ask?

Well here it is.

Sorry for a rude question, but after birthing vaginally, does it all go back to how it was before? And I mean like (sorry again) tightness and looks, I get that if you’ve had stitches they’ll be a scar. Thank you for any replies, I know this is sort of the least of my concerns, but none the less a concern.

And this is how some very helpful Reddit users responded :

#1: My vagina grew teeth and a nasty attitude.

# 2: I have been with a woman who had 2 children and I can confirm her vagina did become an endless pit of teeth and lava. Kidding, it looked fine. If anything it was tighter than before. Your vagina will not be wrecked, it won’t look exactly the same but it won’t look like uncooked oatmeal with raisins in it either. It will just look like a vagina.

# 3: In terms of tightness, all I can say is my husband hasn’t complained or suddenly found my vag less satisfying. I find depending on blood flow, tightness can change in both directions.

# 4: I could be wrong but I’m thinking it’s a bit of an urban legend that vaginal deliveries destroy vaginas…

#5: Your vagina will go back, it’s a remarkably resilient part of the body. If two babies over 4kg didn’t destroy mine, I think it’s safe to say it’ll heal. I also tore and had no scarring at all.

We hope this mum got the answers she was looking for…

How did you feel about your body after giving birth? Were you worried about the way you looked, ‘down there’?

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