Brilliant. How to get the internet to pay for your lunch in less than five minutes.

You know Kickstarter? It’s a fundraising website where people with good ideas but no money go to get money to make their ideas happen. It’s basically crowd-sourcing cash – if a bunch of people donate a few dollars, then you promise to build an awesome new app, or make a great music video, or revolutionise iPhone chargers etc etc etc. The new Veronica Mars movie was funded by Kickstarter. So was a Jane Austen computer game.

It’s kind if like online begging, but legit.

People generally head to Kickstarter to fund projects that need at least a few thousand dollars. Until now.

Enter Noboru Bitoy, who just really felt like a burrito.

An all he needed was 8 bucks. So he asked the people of Kickstarter, and the people of Kickstarter deliverd:

Not only did Bitoy reach his $8 goal within minutes, he’s now at $716 and counting. And the only return he has offered people on their investment is a chart mapping the burrito’s deliciousness.

So he has basically figured out a way to get the internet to pay for his lunch.

Well played, Bitoy. Well played.