No time to iron? Open your bathroom drawer

It seems the humble hairdryer isn’t only good for, um, drying your hair…

I was getting ready in front of the bathroom mirror recently when my housemate walked past, paused, and looked at me quizzically. I had my hairdryer pointed at my thighs so yeah, okay, her bemusement was warranted.

It was there because I’d noticed some creases in my skirt, but with just minutes to spare I had no time to wait for my iron to heat up. So I decided my hair dryer was a logical last-minute alternative – and it worked. Being a light material, it took under a minute to get the wrinkles out the skirt before I headed off on my merry way.

As it turns out, I’m not the only one using my hairdryer for non-hairdrying purposes. A few days later I came across this article, in which writer Ruthie Friedlander shares some of the best pieces of insider fashion advice she’s heard.

Sitting pretty at number 10? The hairdryer-as-clothes-steamer trick:

One of our favorite street style stars taught me to use a hair dryer as a steamer to get wrinkles out just before you’re running out the door (or, if like us, you live sans iron). If you have an entire dress that needs ironing, try hanging the garment outside of the shower while running hot water to steam creases out.

There you go. I am an accidental style genius.

What everyday appliances do you use for purposes they weren’t intended for?