URGENT RECALL: IKEA recalls children’s lamp after toddler death

Furniture giant IKEA has issued an URGENT PRODUCT RECALL/REPAIR for millions of children’s lamps after the choking death of a 17-month-old baby.

Daniel Madden from Glasgow in the UK somehow managed to access the power cable of a wall-mounted ‘SMILA’ lamp and became tangled up in it in his crib. He then choked on the cable.

When his mother found him she called for help and he was rushed to Royal Hospital for Sick Children but could not be revived.

Daniel is the second child to be endangered by the lamp, prompting IKEA to issue the recall. A 15-month-old baby was nearly strangled to death in a similar incident.

The lamps are part of the SMILA series and retail for less than $10. They have been on sale since 1999 and an estimated 23 million have been sold world-wide. The series includes a blue star, yellow moon, pink flower, white flower, red heart, green bug, blue seashell and orange seahorse.

A spokesperson for IKEA told the Daily Mail:

IKEA urges all customers with a “SMILA” wall-mounted lamp – or any corded wall-mounted lamp – to check immediately that the lamp and cord are out of reach of children when in a cot or playpen and securely fastened to the wall.


IKEA reminds customers that any corded product such as a window covering or blind can present a strangulation hazard.

IKEA are urging parents to take immediate action to ensure the product is properly mounted and cannot be accessed by children in their crib. They are also asking parents to contact their nearest IKEA store for a repair kit.

Here is their full RECALL notice from the IKEA website:

Find your nearest IKEA store here.

Images and product recall notice courtesy of IKEA.com.au


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