A celebrity poses pregnant and topless. But there's a catch...

You know the celebrity dinner party list you keep in your head?  Yeah, well you’re going to have to get rid of someone. Because Jemima Kirke deserves a place at the table.

The 27- year-old actress is one of the stars of the hit tv series GIRLS (which is utterly brilliant – you can find it on itunes) but that’s not the reason you’ll want to chat to Jemima over dinner.

It’s because the actress is 8-months pregnant and in a very un-Hollywood, un-celebrity, un Demi Moore/Jessica Simpson/Christina Aguilera/Claudia Schiffer/Cindy Crawford/Monica Belluci/Brooke Shield/Milla Jovovich move posed for a series of photographs that are not just unphotoshopped. They’re mostly unglamorous to boot. And even borderline weird (what’s with that shower shot?). In fact many of them look like pregnant selfies.

Take a look  at the photos Jemima had taken for Vice.com, and compare them to the other images in the gallery…

[To see the rest of the photos from Jemima Kirke’s shoot with Vice, click here.]

The magazine world loves nothing more than to flog the dead horse that is the “Demi Moore pregnant and naked”  pose made famous in Vanity Fair in 1991. But most pregnant women don’t spend their time, well, naked and sporting big clip-on earrings.  They have cankles.  And they’re too busy rummaging around the freezer for Magnums to be photographed looking all glam.

What is so damn refreshing about Jemima’s photos is that she looks beautiful. Without makeup. Without the airbrushing.  Without the clip on earrings.  WITHOUT THE AIRBRUSHING and the high heels and ridiculous poses. She just looks…..content.

And real.

How do you feel about the way pregnancy is portrayed by magazines and pose-y celebrities? If you’ve ever been pregnant, do you have a favourite shot of yourself? Upload it if you feel like sharing.