We present the 14 universal shopping truths. Agree or disagree?

Shopping can be totally cathartic. But mostly shopping is the worst. There we said it. It’s those times when you’ve got money to burn, and need a new dress, but cannot find ANYTHING to buy. The times you finally buy that jacket/dress/top you’ve been coveting, only to find the very next day it goes on sale.

Sure, in the grand scheme of things these are the epitome of first world problems, but no matter what your body shape or size is, there are 14 universal shopping truths that apply to all. Enjoy.

1. You’ll meet an over-friendly sales person who thinks she’s your BFF and will start suggesting hideous items for you to try on.

2. Or you’ll be ignored completely…you don’t know what’s worse.

3. When you do need assistance, the shop turns into a ghost town. So you’re stuck running to find another size, half-dressed.

4. You will one day be too old for the music levels.

5. You will finally decide to buy that jacket/pair of heels that you love, the very next day it’ll go on sale.

5. You will at some point get stuck in a dress…and panic.

6. When you have no money, you suddenly want to buy everything.

7. Conversely, when it’s payday you can’t find anything to buy.

8. You will walk more kilometres in one go than you did at the gym all week.

9. The lighting in the change room is brutal.

10. You will get talked into signing up for a loyalty card.

11. You will get duped into buying those $5 nail polishes at the counter you really didn’t need.

12. At the end of the day you’ll feel like this:

13. And swear off shopping for life…

14. Until the next time…

Agree? Disagree? What did we leave off the list?

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