The latest wedding trend to take over the reception.

Wedding venues are wedding venue’s right? Well, actually not.

Recently, I was lucky enough to be invited to a wedding in Mudgee. The bride and groom were both good friends of ours and my husband and I were ecstatic to have a weekend away from the kids (woohoo!).

From the moment we arrived though it was clear that this wedding was going to be different from all the others. By the time the big day came around we had been in Mudgee for two days and thought we’d seen most of what the town had to offer.

That was until we arrived at the wedding venue. What stood as an unused old sheering shed in a paddock only days before, was now the most incredible, intimate wedding venue you could ever dream of.

Tables were lined with fairy lights and gum tree branches, rustic country charm was everywhere you looked and bales of hay covered in fabric surrounded a floorboard dance floor.  All of this combined to provide an intimate atmosphere you never would have found at a traditional wedding location.

The bride and groom were married in a paddock right next to the shed and made their vows as the country sun set behind them. I'll never forget it.

As guests made their way into the shed, it was fair to say that every conversation focused on the incredible, mind blowing space we were standing in. We had all been to weddings before but this, this was something amazing. Every single aspect had been thought about, every detail planned. It was relaxed and easy going and reflected the couple perfectly. It could have been no ones wedding but theirs.

Every single aspect of the country wedding was unique to the couple Image via Facebook

It seems this couple were not alone in their desire for a unique wedding location. More and more, couples are opting out of the run of the mill function centres and instead choosing to leave a lasting impression on their guests by transforming a unique wedding venue into their own. Traditional wedding packages, hotels and restaurants are increasingly being shunned in favour of a place to call your own and lasting memories for guests.

Wedshed is a Sydney based company that helps couples achieve this exact dream. Run by two friends Amy Parfett and Mel Mashman, they say their aim is to get couples thinking outside the box when it comes to wedding venue selection. Calling themselves "venue scouts" Amy and Mel source amazing, unimaginable wedding locations which will blow guests away (and that are not available via a quick google search).


I asked Amy why it is that couples are now choosing unique wedding venues over traditional locations. She explained, "Couples are looking for wedding venues that reflect their lifestyle, loves and what they're all about. Often it's hard to find this connection in traditional function centres, so people are hunting for more unique spaces that they can put their own stamp on. It's more about turning a blank canvas into something amazing that says 'this is us'".

I have to admit, I love the idea.

When my husband and I got married we were looking to do something out of the ordinary. We chose a venue out of town where guests could stay for the weekend if they wished. However, I still had to work within the confines of the resort which meant set decorations and set up, a set end time and limited choice in terms of suppliers. The idea of taking over a total blank space and having a say in every minute detail of the day is really appealing.

It's not just rural wool sheds getting wedding fever. Left of field spaces like inner city galleries and industrial spaces (that I was alerted to by Amy of wedshed) are all being transformed from their intended purpose into stunning intimate venues. "Across all states we've rounded up private farms, wineries, ex-cricket grounds, police groves, old dairys- the only pre requisite is that the space needs to be the kind of place we'd like to get married at and that's what sets the standard".

With a lot of brides feeling the pressure to 'wed to impress' it's no wonder many of them are opening their minds and extending the search past the typical function centres that most of us think of when it comes to planning nuptials.

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