When a Twitter employee goes into labour, this is bound to happen.

When Twitter employee @Claire went into labour, she started, well, Tweeting, until this happened.

When heavily pregnant Twitter employee @Claire woke up and felt wetness ‘down there’ she wasn’t sure what was going on. It was Saturday, April 5, and the sun wasn’t yet risen.

She quickly grabbed her phone and Tweeted:

Whatever happened to calling your obstetrician? Or the hospital?

Anyway, deciding that she was in fact #inlabour (thank Dr. Google), she quickly got dressed, then Tweeted her outfit, which looked quite snug, comfy AND informative.

All was going well @Claire. Waters broken? Check. Dressed and in the car? Check. Husband by her side? Check. Tweets up to date? Check.

Then, this happened.

Thank goodness the car broke down we say, otherwise it would have been a boring in-labour Twitter feed, right?

But once the excitement of the car breaking down was over, she found plenty of interesting ways to keep us logged on, such as witty descriptions of how she was feeling and making fun of her doctor.

Then, just as we were gearing up for Tweets such as, "I am fully dialated", "I just pooped on the table" and "Just one more push" we heard nothing. That's right @Claire. Even the most social media savvy mother-to-be has trouble holding a phone and typing while giving birth. We can imagine her dropping the phone mid-contraction, the device clattering to the floor of the birthing suite, her husband breathing a sign of relief.

Her next Tweet said this:

#overshare? No, actually, #adorablycute!

Here are all her Tweets your viewing pleasure:

What do you think of in-labour and giving-birth Twitter feeds? Fun, cute or overshare?