Fluff: The Block twins drop F-bombs at the judges and threaten to quit

Yikes. You know the hot policewomen twins on The Block?

They had a hectic tantrum last night on the show, unleashing a shower of F-bombs and threatening to leave the show.

Twins Alisa and Lysandara Fraser, 29, who won the Channel Nine reality TV show last year, were more than upset with their very low scores on The Block: Fans and Faves last night.

The duo were known as the ‘bathroom queens’ on last season’s The Block: Sky High. But that title was cruelly ripped from their hands last night.

And they’re devastated.

The former South Australian policewomen went on a rant, spraying F-bombs at the show’s judges, especially at judge Shaynna Blaze who gave the pair a five out of 10 for their bathroom renovation efforts.

“That is not a five bathroom,” they said. “It’s all about fairness and it’s f***ing so obvious what’s happening and it’s not fair.”

Alisa continued to dish out her favourite F word when asked if the twins were serious about threats to leave the show.

“If they keep up this f***ing five bulls**t, then f***ing oath, we’ve got a reputation to uphold,” she said.


The twins are popular contestants on the hit reality show, that brags 1.1 million viewers each night, and we know no one wants them to leave.

Everyones obsessed with the attractive and feisty ex-policewomen twins who are bitchy to the point of entertaining drama.

We hope when they said, “I’m f***ing sick of it. Enough is enough. If you’re going to be like this then we may as well go home,” they were just letting off some steam.

The Block would be too dull without the fiery duo.

Did you watch it? What would you give the twins’ bathroom out of 10? 

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