Turia Pitt has everything to live for. This is her story.

Everything To Live For – Turia Pitt


Turia Pitt almost didn’t compete in the marathon that would leave her with burns to 70% of her body because the $1500 entrance fee seemed too high. Two weeks before the race, event organisers waived the entrance fee and offered to let Turia compete for free.

After passing the second check point, only 25km into the 100km Kimberley marathon, Turia found herself trapped in gorge surrounded by bushfire. The 24-year-old mining engineer was lucky to survive, but the burns she suffered affected her face, neck, arms, hands and legs.

Two years later, she removed the full-body compression suit and mask that had been her public identity since the accident. You can see the hauntingly beautiful footage here.

Today Turia sits down with Cheryl Akle from The Book Circle to discuss the release of her memoir, Everything to Live For:

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