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The triplets who healed the loss of four children

Anna Mitchell took it for granted that she and husband Nick would become parents. She never expected it to be as difficult as it turned out to be.

She endured three ectopic pregnancies which resulted in part of her fallopian tube being removed each time which lessened her chance of conceiving again.

“After losing my third baby I couldn’t believe it. I had already lost three babies. I was terrified I was never going to be a mum,” she told The Daily Mail.

The couple didn’t have the means to try IVF, which can become so expensive. Then tragedy struck. Her mother Nicola was diagnosed with liver cancer and died. However her mother left her a parting gift – an inheritance she could use to make her dreams of motherhood come true.

The first round of IVF resulted in a miscarriage. Nobody would have blamed them for giving up on their dream family but they persevered and attempted another round.

When they discovered they were pregnant following another round of IVF they couple were ecstatic. Then, imagine their delight when they discovered they were expecting not one but three children?

Meet the Mitchel triplets.

Summer, Joseph and Jacob, now five months

The couple are now preparing for their first Christmas as parents. "This Christmas we have three wonderful little reasons to decorate the house from top to toe with baubles, tinsel and lights," she said. "It's the first Christmas we have with our three little miracles, Summer, Joseph and Jacob - and we mean to make the most of it.

"But there is one thing we won't forget - and that's mum, who made it all possible."

Did you ever almost lose hope that you might one day become a mother?

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