Trend to try: White wardrobe

You know that almost everything goes with white? Really.

And in summer it’s cool, easy and well, just perfect to wear.

I only got to really wearing whites after a LOT of help, some important lessons and a bit of encouragement so if you’re anything like me you might be interested in these little pointers

This post is brought to you by Vanish Napi-San

1. Treat white like a canvas. It’s a base that doesn’t have to be your whole outfit. Team it with colourful accessories like a scarf, belt or jewellry. Try a pop of colour – pinks, blues, corals and reds. Even black.  Think Derby Day  More subtle colours like khakis and sand look cool and effortlessly stylish

2. Try to aim for a solid and opaque white dress.  To check if your dress is going to be see-through place it up against the light, hold a hand behind the dress and see how obvious it is. If you can see the colour and shape of your hand, that dress is going to show everything underneath. And I mean everything.

3. Watch your undies. Skin coloured underwear never looked as good as under white clothes, so when you’re wearing white make sure you team it with underwear that’s a similar tone to your skin. Don’t wear  a white t-shirt with a white bra – stay flesh. Also keep lace and prints in your underwear drawer

4.Unless you’re a tennis player, runner, or nurse you really shouldn’t wear white shoes.

5. Don’t panic about spilling – Vanish have it covered. Vanish Napi-San works on all types of stains, from the ones you can clearly see to those little ones you often miss before you throw your clothes in the wash.

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Do you wear white? Do you have a colour that you gravitate to in your clothing choices?