Trend to try: the mullet. But not the hairstyle

So for much of this year I have mocked The Mullet. I’ve never been a fan of the hairstyle.

Not when Michael Bolton wore it, nor Billy Ray Cyrus:

The Michael Bolton mullet
The Billy Ray Cyrus mullet

Nor Michelle Dugger:

The Michelle Duggar mullet

Mullets as hairstyles are so very many shades of wrong.

What about mullet clothes then? Huh? Could there be a more ridiculous joke of a trend? That’s what I thought when I first started seeing these short-in-the-front-long-in-the-back tops and dresses on red carpets and in stores.

How RIDICULOUS, I thought in that haughty way I so often do when a new trend arrives and seems so whack that I feel confident I shall never fall into its clutches.

Check it out:

But then…..I tried on one of those tops. Secretly. Without tweeting about it or telling anyone. And then? Then I bought one. A mullet top. Not an extreme mullet. Not super long at the back but definitely longer than at the front.

Here’s what it looks like:

This is the mullet top

Suddenly, I understood it. Somehow it feels more modern than wearing a regular top. Somehow I GOT SUCKED IN.
And then of course, I took it to a whole other level by buying these mullet pants:

Mia on The Today Show in mullet pants

I adore them. They almost come with their own cape. I haven’t yet worn them with one of my (2) new mullet tops but that day will come, I know that now….

What do you think? Could you do a mullet? Any other trends right now you don’t understand? Any that have surprised you when you’ve tried it?