Fetch: Abbott's daughters on the black carpet for the David Jones winter launch.

Bridget and Frances Abbott (Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s two youngest daughters) attended the David Jones winter launch, in Sydney on Wednesday night, wearing co-ordinated matching navy outfits.

Bridget wore a blue jumpsuit (you know how we love a good jumpsuit) with black accessories. Her sister Frances wore a gathered blue top with a leather skirt.

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Miley Cyrus twerks a horse and spanks Madonna. Not joking.

So Miley Unplugged aired on MTV last night – showing the usual tongue wagging, crotch grabbing and all things Miley. But she also got back to her darn-tootin’ country and western roots, with a good old-fashion hoedown.

The performance including her “bringing Nashville to MTV”, which meant Dolly Parton inspired costumes, and twerking against someone (two people?) dressed as a horse.

Madonna joined Cyrus for a mash up of “Don’t Tell Me” and “We Can’t Stop”.

Madonna described the surprise duet: “That was pretty f*cking cool, you guys.”

tweeted about it later, naturally:

Sam Worthington pulled a J-Law

Lara Bingle and her boyfriend, actor Sam Worthington, hit the red carpet for the AACTA awards in Sydney yesterday. Which prompted the question – if they were both there, who was taking Instagram shots of a beach?

Worthington later made like Jennifer Lawrence and tumbled on the stage stairs while handing out the first award of the night.

In related news, The Great Gastby won pretty much all of the awards.

And if you missed the Red Carpet…here it is:

Jess Mauboy went on Sesame Street and it’s adorable

Our very own Jessica Mauboy appeared on Sesame Street recently – with a song called Counting Kangaroos.

We challenge you to get this song out of your head after watching it. We can’t.

Natalie Portman’s husband makes a huge decision

Actress/terrifying ballerina Natalie Portman is Jewish – and her gorgeous husband Benjamin Millepied has just announced he’s converted to Judaism. It’s like an episode of Sex and The City over here.


In an interview with a major Israeli newspaper, the French choreographer explained that becoming Jewish is “very important” to him. Portman was born in Jerusalem but moved to the United States when she was just three years old.

Natalie, Benjamin and their son Aleph are all in Israel until March. She’s working on a film called A Tale of Love and Darkness, which will be her first as a director.

 Mazel tov!

Is this Seinfeld reunion actually happening?

Last week Jerry Seinfeld was spotted visiting the New York diner made famous by the sitcom Seinfeld. The internet exploded with rumours of a reunion. Was Jerry filming when he was at the diner? Why was he with Jason Alexander? Did they take their own maple syrup?

While you were sleeping, Jerry Seinfeld gave us a few answers. And he did not rule out the possibility of a reunion.

We repeat: He did not rule out a Seinfeld reunion. 

This is what we know:

Other Seinfeld characters were involved in the filming.

They shot in several different places, but not inside Jerry’s apartment.

It is not for a Superbowl ad.

It’s a “shortish” project.

We’ll get to see it “very, very soon.”

Scott Disick is the most stable man in the Kardashian family

Yes, you read that right. No one would have ever have thought it. Throughout Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Scott swings between being an aggressive, drunk dick to a caring brother-in-law who dotes on his children. But in the latest family saga (there are so many, we can barely keep up) he is the only male without issues (besides Kayne who doesn’t count because he barely shows his face). Bruce leaves Kris, Lamar is off on a tangent and Khloe leaves him, Rob has some issues that no one really understands (even his family seem to be vague about it) and thankfully Kim’s former husband, Chris, is out of the picture. Go Scott!

Keeping up with the Kardashians now showing on E! 

Monsters University is a real thing

Well, kind of. There is a Monsters University website which explains everything there is to know about enrolling at Monsters University. Here is a brief glance:

  • MU first opened in 1313 and in 1314 had 33 graduates (the first qualified monsters).
  • MU is built on 268 acres of land, where 210 acres were acquired by a land grant back in 1310 with the remaining 58 acres from private donation in 1839.
  • 17% of their students are international students.
  • It is only a 2 hour ride from downtown Monstropolis
  • They have a strict policy of “No pets are allowed on campus”, however if you have a seeing-eye snakes that’s okay.

Monsters University now showing on Fetch.TV