It's time: PM's sister throws out a challenge to Tony Abbott on gay marriage.

Tony Abbott’s sister hopes her brother will allow his MPs a conscience vote on same-sex marriage.

Christine Forster told Sky News “I’d like something more from the current prime minister, who happens to be my brother.”

Her comments follow the Irish referendum which saw the predominantly Catholic country record an overwhelming ‘yes’ vote on the issue.

It’s surprising Tony Abbott won’t listen.  Recently Christine Forster appeared on Debrief Daily’s Podcast ‘Just Between Us’ and revealed how her brother reacted to her coming out as a lesbian.  You can hear about her own shock of falling in love with her best friend and her family’s shock here on iTunes

and below on Soundcloud

It’s clear Tony Abbott managed to adapt to having a gay sister. It’s time for him to now adapt to leading a country that recognises her right to equality.

Come on Tony. do it for Christine.

Senator Jacqui Lambie has called for a referendum in Australia but gay marriage is not a constitutional change.  It’s a legislative change.  And there’s only one way to get that. Our politicians have to vote for it.

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