Reasons my Toddler is Crying. It's the best website since.... ever?

Toddlers. Little melting pots of unreason.


Children are fickle and unpredictable little creatures. You never quite know what is going to upset the status quo. Often it is something you could never predict. Even harder to gauge, when something completely reasonable will turn them into little melting pots of unreason.

I will give you an example: Today my six-year-old was complaining because his brother was LOOKING out of HIS window in the car. I know right, how DARE he?

His older sister was equally upset this morning because she couldn’t return the Cornflakes packet back to the shelf it had originally come from. This led to accusations that someone, in under 50 seconds, had rearranged the entire pantry while she wasn’t looking. Seems reasonable right?

These complaints are not issues I can, nor want to deal with. They just make me, while initially irritated; want to laugh at the ludicrous reaction to such inconsequential problems.

That said, here are some fine examples of irrational responses to situations from Reasons My Son Is Crying. Enjoy!

Toddlers are often just tiny vessels of a warped sense of injustice. They’ll grow out of it. Or as evidenced by my 13 year old, they may not.

Share your stories of your child’s irrational reaction to something completely rational. You don’t win anything but you may get to regain a little of you sanity and realise you are not alone.

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