23 ways to make your tiny apartment feel huge.

There are many upsides to apartment living, like not having to mow the lawns and living in close proximity to the CBD. But there are just as many downsides; neighbours who have loud sex and having nowhere to go (bar the bathroom) when you’re having a standoff over the whose turn it is to do the dishes with your flatmate/significant other.

Living in a small space is tough, so that’s why we’ve scoured Pinterest for 25 tiny apartment tricks even a claustrophobic would be happy with. (No Ikea assembly required.)

1. Turn a closest into bunk beds so the kids can have full reign of their rooms to play.

2. A bed that doesn’t look like a bed: couch by day, bed by night.

3. Convert your attic into an office space.


4. If you’re not using every spare cupboard to store your clothing, utilise a cupboard as a home office.

5. Use a glass wall divider to visually divide a room without sacrificing space or light.

6. Declutter your benchtops with a chalkboard splashback.

7. Use your open wardrobe as a bedhead.

8. Create a tiny shelf if your bed is up against the wall.

9. Stack horizontal mirrors to create a luxurious feeling of space.

10. Day bed by day, guest bed at night.

11. If you’re renting and/or have little room to store your jewellery, hang them on the wall in the bathroom.


12. Create faux built-in shelving in between rooms.

13. Glass and perspex furniture creates the illusion of more space.

14. This is like the real-life version of Barbie’s kitchen – great for studio.

15. Use every imaginable area for cleverly hidden storage.

16. No backyard? Create a palette herb garden on your balcony.

17. Use a shelf in the bedroom as an home office.

18. Double your floorplan with a loft bedroom.

19. Install a clothing rack on a stair landing.

20. Hide a podwer room under the stairs.

20. Create an entry way in an otherwise under-utilised space.

21. Use a windows to visually separate the kitchen from the dining without scarificing light or space.

22. Incorporate sliding doors for ensuites and walk-ins.

23. Think you’ve got no room for eat-in kitchen? Think again.

What small storage tricks do you use in your place?

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