Elite boys' school students appallingly rate their formal dates in degrading video.

A clique of high school boys were filmed in a degrading “Tinder boot camp” video in which they rated girls and their female formal dates.

The year twelve students of elite private school Melbourne Grammar were seen individually rating their dates on a scale of one to 10 in a Facebook video, the Herald Sun reports.

Students were ordered not to pick unattractive girls. Some reportedly received scores as low as one, while others reached as high as 10.

One boy was heard in the video commanding: “This is Grammar, boys — that means nothing, and I mean nothing, under a seven.”

The film’s dialogue included sexual pick up lines, and one boy was heard asking whether two other boys already “went through” the formal date of another. The latter replied, “Third time lucky.”

This comes just two weeks after two students at fellow exclusive Melbourne private school Brighton Grammar were expelled over an Instagram page that encouraged peers to vote for ‘Young Slut of the Year’.

The video, first shared on a private Facebook page, came to the attention of school authorities after the complaints of a female student’s parents, the Herald Sun reports.

The parent, unnamed, wrote: “My daughter attended the school formal and was rated by the boys, needless to say the outcome was very sad for us.”

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“These boys are apparently school leaders, what is happening to the future generations and where are the role models within the schools.”

The video has since been deleted, and the school’s headmaster Roy Kelley has issued a statement as follows:

“This video contains references that I consider to be totally inconsistent with the values and standards of this School, its students and our community.”

“It includes comments that would cause hurt and offence. This is unacceptable.”