AIDS campaign encourages men to wear condoms by implying women are sluts.

Okay, so Tinder – the ridiculously popular dating app –  recently tried to use its world-wide reach for good (other than finding singles love and/or sexy times).

They launched a campaign, created by the AIDS Task Force, which tries to spread AIDS awareness by recommending daters use condoms:

Good idea, right?

In theory, yes. But the way Tinder framed the campaign has pissed a LOT of people off.

You see, the campaign works like this:

Tinder works by asking users to create profiles. If two people like each other’s profiles, then they are ‘matched up’ and can take things further. It’s basically a way of making sure that only people who like each other get together.

For this campaign, Tinder creates fake profiles of very pretty women (to ensure lots of guys will click on them):

But then, inside each of the fake profiles, Tinder has placed photos of the women with lots of different guys:

And after you scroll through all the pictures that essentially show how much this woman gets around, you are faced with this message:



A lot of people on social media and the interwebs have been pissed, because they think that the message may be “Use a condom”, but it’s also kind of “Use a condom because ladies can be pretty slutty, amiright?”

This is a tricky one. It’s great that such a big social media company is attempting to raise awareness for safe sex in a way that will actually resonate with young people. But did they have to imply that the threat comes from women sleeping around? Why are there no fake male profiles? After all, women have a responsibility to carry condoms as well.

What do you think of the campaign? Have Tinder done a good job or is this kind of offensive?