"I made a mistake." Timm on Bachelor in Paradise's Bula Banquet drama, and more in Celeb in 5.

1. "I made a mistake." Timm responds to last night's Bula Banquet drama on Bachelor in Paradise.

Last night's episode of Bachelor in Paradise was certainly eventful... to say the least. 

After a very dramatic Bula Banquet, a fight broke out between Ciarran, Timm and Matt. 

The argument mainly had to do with the "bro code" and the fact that Matt didn't ask Ciarran’s permission for coupling up with his ex-girlfriend Renee. Timm also claimed that no one in paradise liked Matt and things got very loud and confusing from there.

Now, Timm has posted a video to Instagram saying he "made a mistake". 

"I just want to jump on here and clarify that I don’t think women are objects at all nor do I think they should be owned by anyone," he said in the video.

"I don’t think any of my actions over the two shows have shown me disrespecting women, I don’t make misogynistic comments, you don’t see me sleeping around. What I will say is that I will 100 per cent own speaking out of line, I am a child sometimes, I act before I think," he continued.

"The thing with Matt and Renee, it was just me being a bit too loyal to my friends and having tunnel vision on everything. I suppose you live and you learn, I watch this back and see that I made a f*cking mistake.


"I understand it’s a TV show, but what you don’t see is me getting up first thing in the morning and apologising to Matt and Renee."

Matt later commented on the post, saying there are no hard feelings between the two of them. 

"I will always respect someone that can own their actions, shake my hand and apologise. And that’s exactly what you did to me so no hard feeling for the words you spoke about me," he wrote. 

Here's hoping tonight's episode is a little less intense. 

Bachelor in Paradise continues tonight at 7:30pm on Channel 10.

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2. "She sacrificed a lot." Todd King opens up about Ali Oetjen and Taite Radley's split.

The Bachelorette couple Ali Oetjen and Taite Radley surprised everyone when they announced they had broken up last month. 


"It is with the heaviest heart that we want to let everyone know that we have decided to take time apart in order to give each other space and time to fully focus on our own paths," Ali wrote on Instagram at the time.

Now, former Bachelorette contestant Todd King has weighed on the breakup, suggesting a reason why the pair may have called it quits. 

"It seems to me that she sacrificed a lot of what she wanted to fit into his life," he said on the So Dramatic! podcast earlier today. 


"From what she told me two years ago, she had a pattern of doing that. A pattern she was trying to get out of. Maybe that was it, or they fell out of love quickly."

Todd, who is currently in a new relationship, also said it was "strange" that Taite hadn't proposed to Ali after two years together, considering Ali said she wanted to settle down on The Bachelorette. 

"Taite was just so iffy about whether he wanted to commit. It might sound like I'm bitter, but even at the end what he said to her, it seemed half-a***d."

That said, Todd explained that he "didn't see the split coming." And neither did any of us. 

3. A Zoom audience and 2am finishes: Jackie O on filming The Masked Singer during COVID-19.

Well, well, well. 

The Masked Singer is back in an ambitious attempt to single-handedly save 2020 and look, watching celebrities pretend to be giant lobsters is actually... exactly what we need right now. 

This year will look a little different though, especially because the show is based in Melbourne, which is currently under stage four coronavirus restrictions.  

Jackie 'O' Henderson, one of the four judges on the singing competition, has explained the extreme protocols the production team is taking to ensure the show is COVID-19 safe.

"The COVID restrictions are so over the top that we have to follow. There's a lot of stuff that's different now. There's a lot of sanitising going on," she said on The Kyle and Jackie O Show on Monday morning.


"When I finished Masked Singer last year, we'd probably finished at around 10pm. [This year] we're going until two in the morning," she explained.

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Of course, there's no live audience this year. Instead, fans will 'Zoom' in.  

"We have a Zoom audience at home of super-fans, so we have to wait for them to vote," the radio personality explained, adding the judges are all positioned far away from each other. 

"People can't be near each other, we've got partitions in between us. There's a lot of stuff going on. We can't even stand next to one another.  


"In terms of us following protocol, you just couldn't get any stricter."

4. Oh. Jarrod Woodgate has called out his ex Keira Maguire and Matt Zukowski... for using his Netflix account.

Excuse us. Ex-Bachelor contestants are causing unneccesary drama for undetermined reasons and... yes, we care. 

It's between exes Jarrod Woodgate and Keira Maguire, who met on the first season of Bachelor In Paradise before parting ways last year. 

Apparently, Keira kept using Jarrod's Netflix account after they broke up without his knowledge. And Jarrod would like us all to know about it.  

“Public Service Announcement: If you think that your Netflix account is getting hacked by Russian spies because it keeps saying ‘continue watching’ to shows you’ve never seen… CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD,” Jarrod shared on Instagram.

Jarrod Woodgate posted this to Instagram. Image: Instagram.  


Keira's alleged new boyfriend, Love Island's Matt Zukowski, then sent Jarrod a DM asking what episode of Last Dance he was up to on Netflix. 

Jarrod shared a screenshot of the DM to his Instagram Story saying: "Cause it could be the ex you broke up over a year ago and her new boyfriend using your account. WTAF."

...Awkward. Image: Instagram.  


Keira, over to you!

5. A partner-swapping scandal, plus all the other spoilers for Farmer Wants a Wife in one place.

Farmer Wants a Wife is back after four years, and as far as TV dating show success rates go, 9 marriages and 20 Aussie babies born is, well, suspiciously good.

Could this mean we're in for a drama-free, wholesome show where contestants are out to really find love?

Well, no.

It looks like this season may bump up the drama just a tad which, on the bright side, means we have very important spoilers to talk about.

Image: Channel 7 


From a shock, Blake-Garvey style ending to a farmer whose close relationship with his ex is making all his potential new wives jealous, we've rounded up all the rumours about what you can expect from this season of Farmer Wants a Wife.

A farmer's ex-wife makes an appearance


It's no secret that Farmer Neil shares three kids with his ex-wife Sally, but just how important her say is in determining his potential future wife has surprised a few contestants.

"My three kids and Sally, my ex-wife, were the first people I spoke to," Neil said in an interview with Woman's Weekly, on applying to the show. 

"If they weren't aligned with the idea and I didn't have their support, it just wouldn't have been possible."

Now, the women vying for Neil's heart will be meeting his ex, a source told Woman's Day. 

"First of all, the girls had no idea they'd be meeting his former lover so soon! They weren't happy about it... not one bit," the insider said. 

"The penny just dropped – not only would they be taking on a husband, but also an ex-wife who is he very close with, very involved with and very chummy with.

"Meeting her on the show just meant they felt like the fairytale was being ripped out from beneath them because Neil had already made a wife out of someone before. It was just a hard pill to swallow, especially on top of all the pressure of the show."

For more Farmer Wants a Wife spoilers, read our earlier article here. 

Feautre Image: Instagram @timmhanly/Channel Ten.