When the kids are out, this is what parents do.

It is a rare moment, so it must be savoured.

No one can prepare your for the fact that when you are a parent, you are NEVER alone.

Sure, they warn you.

But you never really understand.

And then you find yourself without a moment alone with your partner. You never make it through a movie without stopping 4 times to put the same child to bed. You can never go, “Hey, let’s go to the movies,” at the last minute.

Time alone requires planning. Meticulous planning.

Recently a Reddit User posted:

“20 years of marriage and 6 kids later we found ourselves with 2 hours alone in our own house for the first time in a long time. We had pizza delivered and drank a very good bottle of wine. Watched a movie without interruption. It was wonderful.”

What followed were parents spilling what they get up to when they have a couple hours alone.

So we gathered those up and asked some mums around the office to see what they do in those very rare, very precious moments.

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