You're looking at two favourable, one neutral and nine unfavourable months, Never fear, there is hope. Snake is not out to get you, but its style is deliberate, calculating and a bit on the slow side, which is not your style at all. Boldly going forth to conquer worlds probably isn't going to work for you this year. Instead, make that 33 percent work for you by being Snake-like – even if it hurts.

You have three good years coming up after this one. Why not hold off on the big stuff?! And keep this in mind that this is a Water year, your most favourable element as you are a Wood sign. This of 2013 as the year of watering your plants to make them grow in the coming years.


Career-wise, things may be a little more challenging than normal this year. That 33 percent says you might want to be more cautious than usual. Probably not a good idea to make a career change, and you certainly don't want to make waves at work. If you have disagreements, grit your teeth and walk away. Don't push it. Be a good team player and you'll get through the year just fine.


There may be times you'll want to put your Tiger claws to good use this year. Kill those urges! This is not the time to let yourself be drawn into fights. If you don't expect a lot out of this year, you won't be disappointed. If you get lucky and see an opportunity to improve your love life, go for it. In general, however, just build on what you have and keep in mind that 2014 is going to be a whole lot better for you.

Patience is a virtue, especially now. Remember Tiger, you are a cat. Let the playfulness of your inner kitten come out. Turn over and expose your cuddly underbelly to the one you have deep feelings for. What's the worst that could happen? You walk a way with a few love bites!


In the Year of the Snake, you may be prone to issues affecting nervous system – like stress from too many hours at the office. Another concern could be putting in too much time at the gym. While you typically want to go until you can't go anymore, this year you must stop and think about the consequences. The Snake favors deep thought. Bond with that influence and apply it to your health. Cerebral activities will likely be more beneficial than physical ones. Meditation time!


If there were ever a year to protect your wealth, Tiger, the Snake is it. As with your health and your career, now is not the time to take any big risks, so be sure to go conservative. Long-term investments are definitely the wiser choice. Don't expect a financial windfall from previous investments either. It's likely you'll find yourself in a holding pattern in 2013, but hang in there for 2014's rewards!

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