Thursday's news in just two minutes.

Child care costs are rising.

1. The Fairfax papers report today that the rising costs associated with school fees, and child care mean that raising kids is at least 50 per cent more expensive than it was five years ago. Hands up if you didn’t need a research study to tell you that, huh?

2. A soldier who was serving in the British army has been hacked to death in broad day light in London. The two men who killed the soldier with machettes, forced onlookers to film the event on their smart phones.

The men were shouting ‘Allah Akbar’, which means ‘God is great’ in Arabic throughout the attack and turned their attack on police officers who arrived at the scene.

3. Gina Rinehart has been listed as the richest person in Australia for the third year in a row. Rinehart has an estimated fortune is $22.02 billion (that’s down from last year’s 29.17 billion). Next on the BMW’s rich list was Frank Lowy ($6.87 billion), James Packer ($6 billion) and Anthony Pratt and family ($5.95 billion).

4. Flight attendants have revealed to who the passengers are that they’re most likely to give a free upgrade to. Apparently women traveling in groups are the least likely to get a business class bump up while single, well dressed men are the upgrade recipients of choice.

5. Authorities in Western Australia are looking into the possibility that Kathreen Ricketson and Robert Shugg – the couple who died last week while snorkeling off near the Ningaloo Reef – could have been stung by a jellyfish.

Craig Thompson

Kathleen and Robert were on a year-long road trip when the incident occurred. Their two children – a 13-year-old girl and a 10-year-old boy – watched on from the beach. There have reportedly been a spate of Irukandji jellyfish stings off the coast of WA in recent months. The Irukandji jellyfish is just 2.5 cm in diametre but produces poisonous venom.


6. Former Labor MP Craig Thompson is reportedly facing another 19 charges relating to the misuse of funds during his time as head of the Heath Services Union. That takes his tally to 173 charges. Last month he appealed to the public for help to pay for his legal bills.

7. Singer Darren Hayes has used a homophobic attack on his friend to call for greater equality from Prime Minister Julia Gillard. Darren’s friend Christopher Bryant was walking through a London park with his partner when they were attacked by a group of six men.

Mr Bryant was punched and kicked in the head. He told UK newspaper The Independent: “There was lots of shouting, they pushed me on the ground and when I turned to see what was happening to Damon, one of them said ‘stay down you fucking faggot’.”

Christopher Bryant

In a tweet to Julia Gillard, Darren Hayes wrote: Hi @JuliaGillard My London friend brutally beaten in a homophobic attack. Please read:Why we need equality NOW.

8. Glasgow police are investigating a popular night club after claims from female club-goers that there was a two-way mirror system set up in the women’s bathrooms so that male staff and guests could see them while going to the loo.

9. Oscar Pistorius’ brother Carl has been acquitted of culpable homicide and reckless driving. In 2008, Carl’s car collided with a motorcycle driven by Maria Barnard. She died days later in hospital but in court yesterday, the magistrate said the Barnard was speeding and possibly drinking at the time of the incident.