Claire Danes' honest words on motherhood.

Claire Danes just admitted to what every mum has felt before.

Actress Claire Danes, 35, has talked about the realities of parenting that we’re sure every mum has felt, but might be too scared to admit to. “Being a mum is incredibly challenging” the mum of 17-month-old son Cyrus told Harper’s Bazaar UK.

“But we still feel a pressure to talk about it [motherhood] in very romantic terms. We all have that resentment at times and anxiety about being trapped by the role, that responsibility. And then chemically it can run riot and there’s no ‘off’ button” Claire added.

Claire and her son Cyrus.

Claire candidly went on to say how motherhood can sometimes make her feel trapped and becoming a mum “was the hardest adjustment” in her life.

“You always feel beholden to somebody and for so long they're like koala bears, you just feel a physical responsibility to be there for them to cling to. It's pretty primal” the Homeland star went on to say.

Claire revealed that she sometimes resents being a mum, but says all women with children feel this way at some point. Clare says she has a deep connection with her parents who also share the same relationship with her son.

Yet Claire’s parents were torn when it came to watching their daughter in the finale of Homeland or attending the birth of their grandson.

"Cyrus was born (at the end of) the second season. I went to the hospital at 10 o'clock, literally as the finale was airing, and I think my parents, who were in New York with me, were conflicted about what they were more excited for. Honest to God. It goes beyond parental pride, they're really into the show” Claire explained.

Claire and her husband, actor Hugh Dancy, were married in 2009.

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