VIDEO: If hashtags were used in real life. #funny

Want to start an argument at a dinner party? Bring up the subject of hashtags.

Yes, hashtags. You know it. Funny hashtags, obvious hashtags, excessive hashtags, completely irrelevant hashtags – they’ve all become a huge part of our lives ever since Twitter first decided to take advantage of that little-used symbol on our keyboards.

Some people love them. (These are usually also the people that use about 75 of them to accompany each photo.) Some people hate them with a passion normally reserved for more contentious topics such as Hitler and slavery. Others just don’t get them.

And now, Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake have sat down to show us all what a Twitter conversation looks like if you say it out loud.

Hint: What is normal on your computer screen is not normal in any other context. Actually, it’s quite ridiculous.