This is why Bear Grylls should carry a tampon

“I wish my tampon also worked as a survival fishing bobber.”

Now if that’s not a phrase every girl has said to herself at least once in her lifetime, then I don’t know what is.

Okay, so maybe it’s not most days that you find yourself trapped in the bush and fighting to survive (that is, unless you’re a character from Home & Away). But IF YOU WERE, then this information could help.

As the Scouts say – Be Prepared.

Or at the Brownies apparently say, Lend A Hand – or in this case, lend a tampon.

You see, your tampon could save a life.

You didn’t know this, did you? But your tampon can actually be used to start a fire. It can act as a bandage for an open wound. And it can make dirty water clean. Or at the very least… not as dirty.

Brought to you by this hilarious American website The Art of Manliness (who we tracked down courtesy of the team at Jezebel) – are 5 bush survival tips. And all of them require one simple apparatus – your guessed it – a tampon.

Now, we were under the impression that these survival tips were just a bit of fun but on reflection – I think that the self-proclaimed ‘manly’ men – are dead serious.

One final thought: What would you do if you were lost in the woods, fighting to survive and you actually HAD your period?

Also a valid emergency. Lucky you’ve got one of those trusty multipurpose tampons.

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