This skipping puts your playground skills to shame.


Double-dutch. Single rope. Criss-cross. Loop-the-loop.

If you’re anything like us, chances are that there was once a time when these things meant the world to you. Our Editor, Jam, claims (whatevs Jam) that she once able to do double dutch WHILE skipping on her own individual rope.

Talk about Year Three playground cred.

But the thing about skipping is that it stops being fun once you leave the bitumen handball courts of primary school. After that, the law of the rope becomes the jurisdiction of boot camp instructors and personal trainers, who are only interested in straight jumps on an individual rope. No rhymes. No lassoing. And double-jumps and one-leggers? A thing of the past.

Adult skipping is a world of maximal energy expenditure, but minimal creative license.

Unless you’re this girl.

She’s the world’s best jump roper. And, that noise you just heard? It’s your Year Three self saying: “Phwoar!”