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This Christmas card is basically your life

This send-up of the flawless holiday photo card has us wishing we were on this family’s card list

We love getting Christmas cards and letters, but does anyone tell the truth in those things? People are always scoring promotions, getting all As and running marathons – and look impossibly happy and put-together in the accompanying photo. Much as we love staying in touch via the cards, they can also kind of make you feel like you’re the only person in the world who isn’t acing life.

But let’s face it: anyone can edit their life down to the hunky-dory highlights and bribe their kids with candy for a smile. But what’s really impressive is the family who can admit to less-than-perfect days and laugh about it. That’s why we’re loving (and laughing at) this realistic holiday card, which shows both the kids zoning out on iPads while mum plays on her iPhone. Dad looks on with a shoot-me-now look.

No offense to all of you out there who traveled to Italy or raised thousands for charity this year, all while wearing matching sweaters, but this is the family whose card list we want to be on.

Did you send Christmas cards this year?

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