Being 'bikini ready' and 5 things only women worry about at the beach.

Why is it that men can confidently strut on the beach while women are petrified come ‘bikini season’ ?

Why is it that men can confidently strut on the beach in a pair of budgie smugglers while women, supermodels even, put themselves through a special type of hell come ‘bikini season.’

We’ve been extolling the differences between men and women ever since Eve took the proverbial bite of the apple but since a groundbreaking study revealed that even thinking about trying on cossies puts women in a bad mood (where would we be without you science?) we reckon we can all take a leaf out of the menfolk’s book this summer.

Just as an FYI, you should know that this post is sponsored by Swimwear Galore. But all opinions expressed by the author are 100% authentic and written in their own words.

Let’s take a look at a couple of different hot weather scenarios and how men and women react differently.

1. The onset of October/warmer weather.

Women: Bleeuurrrggghhhhh how is it October already? I’m not bikini ready.  Gahhhh! *Employs a ridiculous method of cleansing, detoxing, exercising to conform to society’s narrow definition of what constitutes bikini ready *

Men: “_____ “

2. The lead up to bikini shopping.

Women: Have myriad conversations about it, followed by weeks of tanning and waxing to gain enough courage to step inside the changing room, eventually pushes aside the dread, goes in.

Men: “_____ “

Worst .. shopping trip … ever.

3. Buying new cossies.

Women: Walks in to store, the mood here is hopeful, selects a couple of different strap scenarios: tops, bottoms, one-pieces thinks hey maybe this year will be different.

Twenty minutes later: Sends SOS message to friend: ‘HELP.’

Men: Pick pair off the shelf, check size, and buy it. (Or wears the same pair from 1995 regardless of fit.)

4. Preparation for beach visit.

Women: Spends inordinate amount of time (hours, days, weeks, years) ensuring there is not a single strand of hair on any part of the body so they can be ‘bikini ready’.

Men: Goes to beach.

If I just keep reading maybe they’ll think I was distracted and just forgot to take my clothes off?!

5. At the beach: the ‘reveal.’

Women:  Look around for (perceived) judgment before cautiously peeling off shorts and t-shirt to do the ‘big reveal.’

May or may not then don a kaftan/board shorts/head-to-toe burkini for body/cellulite-hiding purposes.

Men: already in the water.

6. At the beach: emerging from the water.

Women: First discreetly checks underwater that everything is in place, still has nightmares about that time at swimming carnival when she accidentally flashed the whole of year 8 (from two schools).

Men: already towelling off.

You know that running conversation in your head about how awful your body is? It’s all in your head.

Regardless of your body type or size, you should feel comfortable going to the beach.  You know that running conversation in your head about how awful your body is?

It’s just that: all in your head. No one else is thinking it. No one even considers whether you’re ‘bikini ready’.

Everyone else is too caught up in thinking the same thing about their own bodies. And besides, you’re going to be far harsher on yourself than anyone else ever could be.

And here’s one more tip from us:

YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. Remember that.

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