11 things only The Fashion People understand.

Leather trackies, draping your jacket, neoprene – fashion-forward women love a good (admittedly, sometimes ridiculous) trend. But sometimes we get the feeling that not everyone is on board with what we’re wearing – not that we mind, in fact, we prefer it. Read on for 11 things that only fashion people will understand.

1. Sartorially offensive footwear.

Heels with no heel, embellished pool sandals, flatforms…. the Birkenstock revival… we could go on and on….

2. Draped jackets.

The trend of ‘draping’ your jacket over your shoulders annoys everyone except fashion people. “Either you wear it or you don’t,” non-fashion people will say. It’s not practical; it turns your usually fluid movements into robotic ones, makes drinking coffee a challenge and yet we persist.

3. Anything Rachel Zoe says.

Rachel Zoe’s “Shut the front door” catch-cry once became an adopted saying here in the Mamamia office. Much to many people’s confusion. When Mia would tell people to, “Shut the front door,” they would turn to us and ask, “Why does she want me to shut the front door? It’s already closed!”

4. Leather trackies.

Karl Lagerfeld once said, “Sweatpants are a sign of defeat. You lost control of your life so you bought some sweatpants.” But leather tracksuit pants? Totally fine.

What does ootd mean?
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5. Wearing your PJ’s outside the house.

6. Knowing what “directional” even means.

7. Oversize anything.

Not many people want to add bulk to their silhouettes with chunky jumpers, ovoid jackets, and baggy ‘mom’ jeans – except for fashion people. Besides, the bigger the jacket, the better the draping (see .2).


Image via See Want Shop Instagram.

8. Cataloging your ‘good’ outfits.

You also feel naked without any accessories.

9. Jumpsuits.

You may laugh, but add a pair of heels to a jumpsuit, draw it in with a belt and you’ve got killer outfit that took about 30 seconds to assemble.

10. Wearing neoprene away from the beach.

Neoprene was once a fabric relegated to wetsuits, scuba gear and laptop sleeves. Fashion people know it as ‘Next Level Spanx.’

11. You know what #OOTD stands for.

Did we miss anything off? What would you add to the list?

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