Treehouses that will blow your child’s mind.


Forget the ones from your childhood, these treehouses are simply outstanding.


Back in the day, when I was little, really little, my dad would build me and my brother a treehouse. What we got was a floor and sometimes a railing if we were lucky and sometimes a ladder to the treehouse if we were really lucky. Other times we had to rely on our tree climbing skills.

I thought my treehouse was pretty awesome.

And then I saw these.

These treehouses are the stuff of fairytales. They actually look like fairies could live in them. Except, they are too big for fairies. Some are full size restaurants! While others are hotel type bed and breakfasts. And there is one that is a wedding reception venue.



Click through the gallery to see the most wonderful treehouses you could imagine:



Would you attempt to build a treehouse for your kids?


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