Zoë Foster Blake's 'The Wrong Girl' is being made into a TV show.

The Wrong Girl was Zoë’s fourth novel.

First Channel Ten announced that Offspring was returning in 2016. Now, the network has announced that a new show based on Zoë Foster Blake’s best selling novel The Wrong Girl is coming to Ten in the new year starring former Packed To The Rafters and Love Child star Jessica Marais.

The Wrong Girl follows the story of Lily, a producer of a cooking segment on a popular morning show who falls for Jack, a chef on the show.

While Lily deals with her feelings for her new colleague, her flatmate Simone starts dating a guy from her wholefoods shop who turns out to be Jack.

Following the announcement on Twitter, Zoë shared the news on Instagram, writing that she had been waiting to share the news for some time now.

“For the LONGEST time I have wanted to share this most thrilling and exciting news! And now I can! My novel, The Wrong Girl, is being made into a telly show for Channel 10! Starring the brilliant, funny, enchanting Jessica Marais, no less! AND Liam Hemsworth! (That bit is a lie.) Don’t bother bringing be a superlong ladder to get over the moon, guys, cos I am already here.”

Watch Zoë discussing The Wrong Girl with Caroline Baum

Video via Booktopia