These are 10 of the worst things you could ever walk in on.

There are just some things you can’t unsee.

When we think about the worst thing we can ever walk in on, our minds usually jump to sex. Walking in on your daughter/son/aunty/mother/father doing the deed is what makes for awkward family dinners and possible ex-communication between relatives.

But it appears catching people in the process is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the worst scenes these Reddit users have accidentally stumbled across.

There were many salacious sexy stories. Some were horrific. Some will still probably give me nightmares. Because there are just some things you really DON’T WANT TO SEE.

1. Strike. You're out.

"Nudist bowling night. Imagine your average bowler and remove clothing. I walked in at just the right time to see a very hairy man bend over to retrieve his ball from the ball return."

2. Get a clue, kid.

"?y nephew who was one at the time, chomping on his mum's dildo wh?le watching Blue's Clues."

3. The ultimate scavenger hunt.

"I work at a university. On move in day for the first year students, I walked in on somebody's grandma shitting themselves as they moved their grand-daughter's items up the stairs. I had to follow the trail of diarrhea all the way to the third floor to find out who did it. Every single stair had a orange-brown circular particle on it. It was the worst scavenger hunt of all time."

4. Spring cleaning.

"My dad was really sick. I spent the whole day in the basement playing Xbox so I thought I'd check up on him. He was trying to give himself an enema, but he was too sick to move and was having a hard time. He asked me to put the hose into his asshole. Long story short, I had to rub some vaseline on his bum and give his intestines a little cleansing. He looked like he has a tiny bit of hemorrhoid too. Needless to say it was a very memorable time. To the caretakers out there I salute you."


5. Well that's awkward.

"Came home early from work. Walked upstairs and saw my dad masturbating. He didn't see me though. I ran into my room and started making loud noises so he knew I was home. Didn't come out the rest of the day."

6. Seriously, Dad?

"Walking into the kitchen and catching my step-father making out with my brother's girlfriend."

7. Ummm...

"A midget staring me in eyes as he violently towel dried his balls in the gym locker room with one leg cocked up on a wooden bench."

8. Just. Keep. Watching. Oprah.

"My mother feeling up her girlfriend on the couch like frisky teenagers (both middle aged women). They invited me to sit and watch TV. We watched Oprah."

9. You need toothpaste, my friend.

"Someone brushing their teeth with their own poop. I work in healthcare. There are so many horrible things I've walked in on, this just came to mind first."

10. Gross. Just... gross.

"I once walked into a bathroom to find a young boy drinking from a urinal."

What's the worst thing you've ever walked in on?

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