Is this the world's most unforgettable wedding?

This has to be the coolest wedding ceremony EVER.

After English couple Gary and Tracy Richardson shared their first kiss as husband and wife, the song "Everybody Dance Now" started playing through the speakers at St. Mary’s and St. Martin’s Church in Blyth, England. Then, officiant Kate Bottley started dancing, followed by the newlyweds, wedding party and many of the wedding guests in a choreographed flash mob. 

Husand Gary posted a video of the flash mob on YouTube last week, confessing it was actually the officiant's idea. They rehearsed the routine with 28 friends and family members for weeks before the ceremony.

Tracy told the Daily Mirror Sunday: “Now we see how well it worked and how the ­congregation got ­involved, we were obviously right. We’ve been watching it and laughing so much. There’s a tall guy at the back from work who is in IT called Big Dave and it takes him a lot to get going, but even he starts to move.”

Watch the amazing video here: