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The winning argument in the cats vs dogs debate is...

If you’ve ever owned a cat, you’ll know they make pretty great pets. Kitties clean themselves. They’re independent. They (probably) won’t dig up the neighbour’s backyard. When they lick you, it’s like being affectionately sandpapered – which is strangely therapeutic.

However, if there’s one major downside of cat ownership, it’s that our feline friends aren’t big on greetings. At all.

Could this be the defining argument in the age-old cats vs dogs debate?

When you come home to a dog, it's Beatlemania. Regardless of whether you've left the house for three months or a three minutes, the second you walk through that door you know a big ol' waggy-tailed love fest is headed your way. (Possibly a little doggy saliva, too.)

Case in point: this gorgeous golden retriever greeting her owner the day he returned home after serving in Afghanistan. Have you ever seen such a display of sheer adoration and joy?

But cats?

Well, they're not so big on the fanfare.

Most of the time you're lucky to get a loving headbutt to the shins before your furry friend (a) remembers that you, their humble Manservant, cruelly left them home alone and commences the Cold Shoulder treatment or (b) completely loses interest and returns to the far more riveting task of clawing your favourite armchair.

Sound familiar? You'll love this video of a cat owner returning home after 6 months of leave*. The look of boredom/contempt/"Ugh, you again" on Charlie's face is oh-so familiar.

*Yes, we suspect this video was staged. However, the point is valid.