The weekend watercooler: exciting changes ahead.


I know you’re supposed to complain first thing Monday morning but today I just can’t bring myself to do it.

Because, today is going to be an exciting day for the Mamamia family. In fact, I can’t wait to go to work.

Only a few weeks ago, our radio show Mamamia Today began airing on the Southern Cross Austereo Network – making Australia’s airwaves an infinitely more fabulous place to be.

And I’m going to let you in on a little secret – the show has been rather popular.

I don’t want to brag but MM Today is like the little kid at school whose mum is letting him have a Spiderman birthday party. EVERYONE wants to hang out with MM Today.


This is all around awesome news. Why? 3pm means more listeners (it’s a time slot with a bigger audience) and for a lot of MM readers, it’s a more convenient time of day to have the radio on (and we aim to please).

Here’s everything you need to know:



The Today Network’s newest hit show, Mamamia Today has gone from strength to strength since exploding on Australia’s airwaves, and to celebrate, it’s shifting to a savvy new time slot!

Southern Cross Austereo is excited to announce that from Monday 10th of September, hosts Em Rusciano and Dave Thornton will be hitting the airwaves around the nation from 3pm-4pm Monday to Thursday as a lead in to The Fifi and Jules Show and remaining at 6pm-7pm on Fridays following Hamish & Andy.

The move reflects Mamamia Today’s tremendous success in its first month on air, with extensive listener research revealing a significant audience spike at 3-4pm.   There are simply more Australians looking for great radio at this time of day, and they are more easily able to access it.

Dave Cameron, Head of Today Network for Southern Cross Austereo said: “We’ve experienced an enormously positive reaction to Mamamia Today in its first few weeks.  Our research – plus on air, online and social media feedback – tells us the show is resonating with both our listeners and readers.  We’re looking forward to reaching an even bigger audience.”

Debuting on August 6th to an incredibly positive response, Em and Dave have brought the brand to life across the airwaves, extending the conversation around popular topics and issues on the site to their show.

Mia Freedman said, “We’re thrilled at the seamless way Em and Dave have helped to translate onto radio with Mamamia Today. They just ‘get’ the brand so instinctively. The engagement Mamamia is known for has meant the switchboard lights up with callers to the show, ready to share, discuss and debate what everyone’s talking about today. And readers have responded really well to the opportunity to interact with the Mamamia brand on another platform. Moving to 3pm is a dream. The audience is bigger and the timing is ideal whether you have kids or not. It’s the exact time of day when people’s mindset changes and the show’s content is perfectly suited to that.”

Radio has been the perfect new platform for Mamamia. Like being online – radio means that readers/listeners/YOU can engage with a conversation in real time. Unlike newspaper or television where the people behind the media talk AT YOU, radio and online make for a two way chat. Which is how a chat should be. And how we like it.

Just like the comments section on Mamamia can be just as interesting as the original articles, so too can the calls in from listeners to MM Today. Hosts, Em and Dave plus their behind the scenes team deserve a huge congratulations on the show’s great success to date. We’re proud of them and excited about the next big steps in our Indiana Jones style (but with cooler shoes) radio adventure.

Now, speaking of cooler shoes – for a behind the scenes look at what’s been happening while the mics are on (and off) check out these pics that host Em Rusciano has been posting on social media.

You can listen to the show live at 3pm today here and you can podcast previous shows here.

How was your weekend? What did you get up to? Will you be tuning in to Mamamia Today at 3pm this afternoon (is this even a question? Of course you will!)

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