The week in style

It’s my new favourite post of the week. There’s so much happening in the world of style and I’m lucky enough to be able to surf through it all and bring you some of the highlights.

Must-see looks

We’ve found a new home for our regular must-see looks gallery. And it’s right here! It’s been a big week in fashion, have a look at the pics below.

Just a reminder with the galleries – because we’ve got a few in the post, sometimes the captions get a little muddled. It’s something the Mamamia IT gurus are working really hard to fix, but there’s a lot happening at MM HQ lately, so it’s a case of taking a number. It will happen.

$950 Chanel running shoes anyone?

If I had a spare $950 lying around, these are not what I’d be buying. But for all of you souls with expensive taste, I have a question: even if you did fork out almost a grand for these bright and beautiful trainers, wouldn’t actually wear them, would you? What happens if it rains? Or you step in mud? Or….

Would you wear these?

Glimpse into a celebrity wardrobe? Yes please.

Chloe Sevigny – you might know her from movies like American Psycho and the TV series Big Love. She’s also a bit of a style icon and in this video for Opening Ceremony she gives a tour through her wardrobe, which I’m pretty sure is bigger than my bedroom – if not my entire house. It’s a little bit addictive and I couldn’t help walking away from it feeling completely and totally envious, but also a little inspired. Part 1 and Part 2 are here.

Elizabeth Taylor jewellery sold

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. If there’s anything we can learn from the auction of Elizabeth Taylor’s finest jewellery, this is it. The Collection of Elizabeth Taylor was auctioned this week, along with a selection of her couture dresses and finest possessions. The jewellery collection sold for… wait for it… a record $115 million. Amongst the buyers – Kim Kardashian!

A portion of the proceeds will go to the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation

Nailed it.

This is the kind of art I like to see. We discovered this page of Tumblr nails and can’t stop looking at it. This is just snippet of some, but if you want to see more, hop over to Polyvore. Prepare to be inspired.