The week in pics. (Jan 26)

A lot can happen in a week. At the start of the week it was The Wiggles and that train-wreck interview they did on the Today Show that everyone was talking about but as the week draws to a close it’s Australia Day that’s on our minds.

Meanwhile this afternoon these pictures from Alex Ellinghausen of Prime Minister Julia Gillard being dragged away from protesters in Canberra emerged. Have a read below for more information on what the protest was about.

This is from The Age on those incredible pictures of Julia Gillard:

The Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, and Opposition Leader, Tony Abbott, had to be extracted from a restaurant near Parliament House as angry protesters banged on the glass.

Supporters of the Aboriginal Tent Embassy in Canberra picketed the Lobby restaurant over comments by Mr Abbott this morning that the tent embassy should close.

As many as 200 gathered in front of the restaurant, banging on its glass walls and yelling “shame” and “racist”.

The pair were forced to stay inside for 30 minutes while the protest outside continued.

Also during the week, Chinese New Year celebrations were abuzz. And in the fashion world all eyes were on Paris Fashion Week. (Just when you think fashion can’t get any wackier… it can. And it does. Take a look at the pics …)