The answer to the question - do The Voice judges stay in touch with their team?

“I’ll be there for you,” promises the coach. “Where, exactly?” asks the jilted contestant.

Louse Van Veenendaal is following music producer all the way to Hollywood.

The Voice Australia’s eliminated contestant Louise Van Veenendaal was promised by her coach and mentor that he would “be there for her.”

It would seem Louise has taken his words quite seriously, as she has released a hilarious Youtube video following her attempt to track down the producer in his native Hollywood.

She wears the same silver and black jumpsuit she wore on her fateful last night on the show, which resembles a superhero bodysuit, and labels herself “Voice Lady” to innocent passersby.

She begins with no plan at all, mostly shouting at shoppers to help her find the music mogul. Most of the women seem to be ignoring her. The guys are just staring at her chest.

She struts around Hollywood with her sign "Where's Will?"

She dances in the street to gain attention for her cause. The worthiest of causes.

She looks like she's ready to kill Will. Ready. Set. Run.

Before she starts harassing patrons on the roadside. Including non-human ones.

Is that a human??

The mini-clip, which is a spoof and is all in good faith, ends with Melbourne's Voice starlet crying out to the hills of Hollywood.

The hills are alive with the sound of music. Literally.

Needless to say, does not make an appearance in the clip.

Probably because he's hiding from the crazy lady.

CLICK THROUGH to see the singers who did make's team. 

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